Retaining Great Staff

Leading Vs Managing – Which Team Management Style is Better?

Are leading and managing interchangeable as management styles, or should employers look for team leaders with strengths in both areas? We explore managing versus leading and consider which team management style is better.

Finding the Right Team Management Style

Are you a leader or a manager? Which management style do you think is best? Somehow “leading” sounds so much more dynamic than “managing”. But does that mean managing comes in second place? Or can both methods go hand in hand? We look at the differences between leading and managing, and ask whether it is possible to be both an efficient and effective manager as well as being an inspirational leader.… Read more

How Telecommuting Employees Can Contribute to your Team’s Productivity

Out of sight, out of mind? How do you feel about telecommuting employees in your agency? Research suggests that employees working from home can be much more productive than those working exclusively from the office. How can telecommuting employees contribute to your team’s productivity?


Much has been written about the pros and cons of telecommuting. Last months’ leaked Yahoo HR memo announced that all employees would be required to work from a Yahoo office from 1 June. Unsurprisingly this provoked a storm of condemnation.… Read more

How to Stop Headhunters from Taking Your Best Talent

Recently I was discussing ways to stop headhunters from taking your top talent with an art director friend.  She told me about how she received a call from a headhunter at her agency; they had asked the receptionist for “an art director” and then asked to be put through.  Needless to say a few weeks later she handed in her notice and started a new job…

This was several years ago, since then it’s becoming even easier to find out who does what within a company. … Read more