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London Fashion Week 2015: Fashion Meets Technology

LoLondon Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Meets Technologyndon Fashion Week sparked much imagination this year, especially with the news of the coming launch of the Influencer Network; an exclusive hub where brands can discover and contact creatives, celebrities, bloggers, ranging across fashion, beauty and lifestyle for collaborations.

Social media made its appearance in the form of the photo messaging app, Snapchat. Having teamed up with Burberry, the app was used to debut their spring/summer 2016 collection. Read on to find out more…… Read more

Project Management: Lessons From Top Creative Agencies

Project Management Lessons From Top Creative AgenciesEffective project management is a skill creative start ups need to learn quickly if they are to stand any chance of surviving the first few months and years. Here founder of Thrive, Jerome Iveson, shares eight project management lessons he believes start ups can learn from the big agencies.

Startups exist in an ecosystem of uncertainty

Limited timescales, small budgets, lack of experience and high expectations all add up to an even higher chance of failure. Startups are born and grow in the same wing and a prayer environment that has forged many of the world’s top creative agencies.… Read more

Will Ad Blocking Mean The End Of Online Advertising As We Know It?

ad block, ad blockingWith Ad Blocking becoming common place, questions have arisen on how this will affect the world of Online Advertising as we know it…

In other words, the new iOS9 looks to offer the experience of internet surfing without any interruptions.

How so, you may ask?

According to Apple, the latest update will allow for iPads and iPhones to use Ad Blocker extensions.

Earlier today we spoke with Digital Director Pete Collins, from the London based award winning creative agency, Tea Entertain.… Read more