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Steve Henry – Advice On Starting Your Own Creative Agency – VIDEO

We were very lucky to grab an interview with Steve Henry, the inspiring co-founder of Decoded. In this part of hiSteve Henry - Advice On Starting Your Own Creative Agency - VIDEOs interview he shares knowledge and gives us some advice on starting up your own Creative Agency.



Top 5 tips on starting your own creative agency:

  • Chemistry between the people you’re working with is very important.
  • Have bigger ambitions than to just sell in a few years. Don’t chase money.
  • Try to have values around creativity, there are very few agencies who would part with a client over creative differences.
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Creative Career Insights with Rory Sutherland – VIDEO

The creative industry is awash with talent, or so it seems.  Actually accessing industry leaders and then encouraging them to impart their creative career experience is, as one might expect, an increasingly difficult task.

When you’re setting out on your creative career journey, you don’t need reminding that you need a leg up.  That’s where Source comes in.  We provide you with exclusive interviews from a selection of the creative industry’s go-to authorities.

On this occasion, Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy reflects on his own creative career path, one that spans a quarter of a century.… Read more

Outlook For Creative Agency Success In 2013 – VIDEO

At the latest Creative Social event “A prediction of the past, time isn’t linear. It loops.” We took some time to sit down with creative giants Andy Sandoz, Mark Cridge and Dave Bedwood. Who also gave their own presentations at the event. You can see what happened during the event in our Creative Social presents: A prediction of the past, time isn’t linear. It loops review.

Now we’re into the New Year, what better time than now to get their reflection on 2012 but also gain some insight into 2013, we find out what skills are going to be most sought after and ultimately what it’s going to take to be successful this year.… Read more