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Are You Eagerly Awaiting the Launch of Angular 2.0?

Are You Eagerly Awaiting the Launch of Angular 2.0Angular is a, JavaScript supported, web development framework for creating applications, using modern web standards.

The release date is somewhat unclear but the speculation to the lead up is not.

Angular 2.0 is soon to be released, and what’s to be expected can only be described as radical changes. There has been a variety of responses to the pending release. Excitement conflicted with doubt, by why?

Aside from one of the contributing creators in the team, Rob Eisenberg, jumping ship half way through the development, it is certain that Angular 2.0 is very much a scratch rewrite of AngularJS.… Read more

Are Smart Homes Smart Enough?

Are Smart Homes Smart EnoughWhat is a well read topic, especially of late, is the idea of technology in the future. Are we taking things too far? Are we just a drop in the ocean with inventions? What does the future look like from now?

There are a lot of innovative new technologies becoming part of our everyday lives in the past decade or so. In the past few years the concept of a ‘smart home’ has proved popular and began implementation into our everyday lives.… Read more

The Rise of UX Developers

ux developerI have worked with a lot of UX consultancy and information architecture clients over the years. Often clients are not entirely sure what they require for these kinds of roles. A UX designer, or a developer, or someone else? A useful analogy I use when talking about the different skills they need on projects is building sites!

This post is designed to clarify the skills you need in your team, and what you should be putting in your job brief.

Watching an architect’s designs transform into a new building has a lot in common with the creation of digital products.… Read more