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What Is A UX Unicorn?

UX UnicornIs a UX Unicorn a mythical creature or do they really exist? I’ve heard this term being increasingly used, but I’m not convinced they actually do exist – and if they do whether this is a good thing. Are you one? What do you think?

Do UX Unicorns Really Exist?


The name UX Unicorn first began to appear a couple of years ago as some agencies started looking for UX designers with additional skills. Could they recruit someone who could do interaction design, information architecture, visual design, research, prototyping, user testing, project management and even a sprinkle of coding?… Read more

How To Turn A Design Internship Into A Paid Role

Are you currently working in an agency as an design intern? Would you like to make the leap to a paid job? Internships can provide you with great experience and help set you up for future employment, but what if you want to continue working for your current agency? How can you ensure that your boss doesn’t allow you to leave when your internship ends, and instead actively wants you to stay? Read on if you are desperate to stay…

Getting Into A Paid Job: Upgrading Your Design Internship

Everyone who has ever secured a design internship remembers how hard it was to source.… Read more

The Changing Face of Sales – B2B

Our media sales consultants cover the broad spectrum of sales from traditional, B2B to digital and beyond! In this three part series modern day traditional media and digital media sales has been analysed. In this, the final installment, Sunjay Patel looks at the changing face of B2B media sales.

The media world is populated by two very different types of people. B2B – more corporate, suited and booted sales person and the flamboyant B2C media sales professional. The conception is that B2C offers landmark advertising campaigns that hog the PR spotlight.… Read more