Recruitment Strategy

Attracting the Brightest Lights To Your Agency

Attracting the Brightest Lights To Your AgencyIt’s a fact: recruiting the best talent in the industry is not easy. These candidates are high in demand for a reason, they’re good. It is a competitive business attracting top candidates to your agency – you are up against plenty of other agencies too – therefore you need to take a proactive approach to recruiting these individuals; whether they are looking for a new role, or not.… Read more

Interviewer Preparation – Putting Your Candidates at Ease

interviewer preparationWhen it comes to the interview process, it’s not just the interviewee who can feel the panic. The process can be equally nerve-wracking for those on the other side of the table, which is why interviewer preparation is so important and should be done in advance. It can help both parties – you and the candidates – to avoid any potential embarrassment and overall it enables you to get the most out of interviews. Here are four steps you should take to prepare for an interview and ensure you really give the candidate a chance to shine.… Read more

The Recruitment Mistakes You Must Avoid!

recruitment mistakesRecruitment mistakes - as consultants we have all encountered them. We’ve all heard some bizarre things come out of the mouths of job seekers and we’ve seen our fair share of things that have made our jaws drop in amazement.

It makes the job that little bit more interesting, although often a lot more stressful!

Here are some classic bloopers we’ve seen from job applicants, polled from around the office and our clients too. Ensure you don’t commit any of these recruitment crimes!Read more