Recruitment Strategy

Q&A with Oliver Rees of Decoded

Ahead of our breakfast briefing with our friends at Decoded on the 27th May, I caught up with one of the speakers Oliver Rees for a Q&A to give a bit insight on his career so far and the actual briefing ‘future proofing your organisation in the digital economy’. The event is now fully sold out, if you wish to attend our next event please contact

Oliver works across Decoded’s data and technology products. He develops bespoke content for clients as well as speaking at conferences and events.… Read more

What Are The Most Effective Recruiting Tools?

What Are The Most Effective Recruiting ToolsThe world of employment has vastly changed over the years and in contrast to the recent credit crunch, it has now picked back up and as a result there are skills shortages existing in many industries. Recruitment has changed too. It is no longer a case of just advertising a job in your local job centre and waiting for CV’s to arrive, it is now about finding innovative ways to track down those talented people who will help grow your business.… Read more

The Structure Of Media Planning And Buying

media planning and buyingMedia planning and buying jobs are a bit like pick ‘n’ mix; some of them combine the two roles into one, others separate them, and in some larger agencies the roles operate from individual departments.

Many of the media candidates I work with have had experience of these differences and it makes me wonder what is the best structure for employees, and the most effective for their clients?

I spoke to some of my contacts in the media planning and buying world to see what they thought.… Read more