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Is Cultural Fit More Important Than Skills And Experience

Is Cultural Fit More Important Than Skills And ExperienceA statement that I often present to clients when we are laying out a job description is this one:

“Hire for Culture, and train for skill”

Why Is Cultural Fit Important?

Because in my opinion getting the cultural fit right when hiring a new team member is crucial. Bringing a new individual into your team instantly puts your group of experienced employees back into a ‘forming’ and then ‘storming’ stage of team dynamics.

Get the cultural fit wrong and you may find you have a team that cannot function as a unit, where literally, one bad apple upsets the cart.… Read more

How to Ensure You Are Prepared for New Employees

How to Ensure You Are Prepared for New StartsMany of us have been in a position where we start a new job and end up sitting around for weeks waiting for access to a computer. It is frustrating, it can make us feel completely undervalued and in some cases, question why we took the job in the first place. As an employer starting a new employee, you should have everything in place before the new recruit joins the agency.

Here I share a checklist that should help make the whole process a bit more streamlined…

Checklist For New Employees


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The Digital Divide: Attracting, Retaining and Future Proofing Your Workforce

The Digital Divide Attracting, Retaining and Future Proofing Your WorkforceIn this guest post, Oliver Rees from Decoded discusses digital recruitment. Whatever your sector or business offering, digital talent is a necessity for driving your organisation forward, yet we have a global shortage of skills. Here he shares his thoughts and solutions for attracting, retaining and future proofing your workforce to bridge the digital divide.

Digital Talent: A Global War

The disparity between the digital haves and have-nots has resulted in a global war for talent. Simply put, demand far outweighs supply – yet for your organisation and our economy’s future, we must invest in these skills today.… Read more