Recruitment Strategy

Why December is a Great Time to Hire New Recruits

Recruitment planning in December will give creative media businesses a great start in the New Year. Find out why this is a good time to hire new recruits. 

It’s often during the approach to Christmas that creative media design agencies take stock of the last twelve months and consider what should define success in the year ahead. I think this makes it a perfect time to assess staffing needs and hire new recruits to meet those new ambitions and challenges.

It’s true that candidates often reduce their job hunting activities in December but this is when recruitment agency techniques to tap into the passive candidate market really come into play.… Read more

Balanced Recruitment Tips – Who’s Missing From Your Team?

recruitment tipsThe success of your agency hinges on your employees and the team you build. But it’s not just about filling defined roles such as creative director, account handler, designer or finance officer. It’s also about identifying the skills, attributes and personalities that you need to make your agency fly. So who’s missing from your team? Here are some recruitment tips for balancing your team.

Team Building: What are Your Goals?

Have you got more work than your existing team can handle?… Read more

Why Effective Recruitment is a Two-Way Process

effective recruitmentEffective recruitment requires a proactive approach and good communications. Follow our tips to get the results that you need from your recruitment agency.

I have worked with many clients in the creative media sector and it’s fair to say that the time they invest in their recruitment strategy is variable. Of course, there are many factors that come into play when hiring managers decide how much effort they can put in to filling their vacancies. If they have a myriad of tasks to get through by Friday afternoon, can’t they just call their recruitment consultant and let the magic happen?… Read more