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Creature London’s Ed Warren Talks about Diversity

Ed highlighted the importance of continuing to build awareness but agreed that “agencies need to act”. There is an acute awareness of the benefits of diversity on creativity and innovation; and now we need to execute measures to remove obstacles preventing diversity becoming real.  “We need to attack the problem from different angles, from the top, from the bottom, through economics and attitude – all simultaneously. What is key … is shifting attitudes.”

As it stands the demographic of the industry is still made up predominately of middle-class Caucasian males.… Read more

Digital Project Management: Do You Need a Producer or Manager?

Digital Project Management Do You Need a Producer or ManagerWorking with clients in the digital sector gets you used to change moving at a fast pace. As consumer habits evolve, as new platforms emerge, as technology shapes and creates trends, job titles and skills have to adapt to the times.

One area where digital and creative agencies seem increasingly unsure is over the role of digital project managers and digital producers. Some think they need one, when after going over project details and aims, the other is more suitable. It can be too easy, when writing job descriptions, to blur the lines between the two roles and hope for the best.… Read more

Using Freelancers To Grow Your Digital Agency

freelancersIf you are looking to grow your digital agency, but are not ready to take the plunge and hire more permanent staff, freelancers can be an excellent solution. Although outsourcing work to freelancers remotely is an option, using freelancers in-house is an even better way to deliver a full agency offering, without the additional overheads and responsibilities fulltime employees entail.

Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in the amount of businesses using freelancers, and digital is leading the way.… Read more