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Ever Growing Need for Social Media Account Handlers – Do you Fit the Bill?

As more clients embrace social media there is an ever increasing demand for social media account handlers. Are you passionate about social media trends, can you drive engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn? If so you might be an excellent fit for the role of a Social Media Account Handler. Read on if this is you…

If like me you have a bit of a Facebook / Twitter (delete where appropriate) addiction, then Social Media Account Handler may sound like your dream job.… Read more

Now Is The Best Time To Be Working In London’s Marketing Agencies. Discuss…

Reasons-For-Working-In-Londons-Creative-AgenciesAcross digital, marketing and creative industries there are forces at play which mean now is the best time to be working in London’s marketing agencies.That might be a surprise when innovation and entrepreneurship but is this what has caused the upcoming Creative Social to be titled “You Luck Ba****ds. Why now is the best time to be getting started”?

I asked our team leaders at Source to give their views on this subject.

Sarah Dean – heads up the Creative, Design and Production team, across Print, Digital and Integrated agencies

  • Agencies have a far more creative vibe- they are constantly looking for candidates who have unique concepts and ideas who can add value to their creative team not just with their design skills but with their personality too.
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7 Tips to Embracing Change and Benefiting in Your Market Agency Role

7 Tips to Embracing Change and Benefiting in Your Market Agency RoleHere at Source it’s our aim that you have a job that you want to jump out of bed for. Sometimes though, your workplace becomes tough due to change and you no longer desire to go to work, you just wish you could hide under the duvet, and that’s no good for your career.

Learning to accept change at work is critical to being successful in your chosen marketing or creative agency career. Dealing with adjustments to your normal work procedures can be unwanted, scary and downright frustrating at times but change can bring many positive elements to a creative workplace.… Read more