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How Collaboration Helps the Creative Industry Succeed

Question: How does a creative studio celebrate Christmas with a witty animated card, poke fun at the traditional awkward office party set-up and launch a new illustrator all at the same time? The answer? #COLLABORATE with the Media Brand of the Year, The Drum, for their front cover spot and animate your Christmas party illustration using Blippar.

Collaboration in the Creative Industry

I’m an avid fan of collaboration in the creative industry, you just need to look to Cut and Paste or the huge success that was the Not For Rental exhibition for proof that many creative heads are better than one.… Read more

Do Good Creative Ideas Depend on The Media Used to Convey Them?

Good ideas in advertising come from many places and have to work well however they are conveyed. Although many would say that the media to be used directs the creative process, this isn’t strictly true. At least I don’t think so! Here’s why…

The Best Creative Ideas Start out as Media Neutral

In my experience, many top creatives say that in an ideal world you should forget the media you might use when coming up with good ideas. That’s because to focus on the media in the early stages is a bit like “putting the cart before the horse,” as the old saying goes.… Read more

What’s the Fuss About Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the new trend in website design. Here’s why we think it’s set to stay.

Responsive design is one of the biggest online trends of 2013. Put simply, it’s a method of website creation that ensures that a company’s web pages are as mobile friendly as possible.

Why is this so important to the creative communications industry? I think the reason is very simple. The number of people in the UK who choose to access the internet on smartphones and tablets is increasing year on year and website design needs to reflect this phenomenon.… Read more