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Using Social Media At Night: Lights Out Or Phone Out?

Using Social Media At Night Lights Out Or Phone OutFacebook for many of us is a large time filler, entertainer and connector to the outside world. There are many positives Facebook brings; including connecting distant friends and family, and sharing thoughts, videos, pictures and experiences with those you might not otherwise have the chance to. But how much time should we really allow for social media? What are the mental effects it has on society, especially the younger generations?

Recent studies have shown that school children using social media at night, to heavy extents, are at an increasing risk of depression and anxiety.… Read more

Completing A Brief To Land A Digital Job

Completing A Brief To Land A Digital JobIt’s not uncommon for digital agencies to ask candidates to fulfil a brief as part of the recruitment process. Generally this will be after the first interview when the prospective employer wants to check exactly how knowledgeable and skilled their preferred candidates are. By this stage of the selection process there may only be a couple of candidates in the running, so the completion of the brief and presentation could make or break your chances of landing your dream digital job…

Briefs For Digital Jobs

In my experience candidates sometimes resent having to complete a brief, especially if they feel that their CV and experience demonstrates clearly how capable they are of doing the role in question.… Read more

Do You Recruit Respondents by Tracking Their Digital Fingerprint?

Do You Recruit Respondents by Tracking Their Digital FingerprintDo you recruit respondents by tracking their digital fingerprint? In this guest post market research consultant Sharon Archibald (Founder of Refresh Market Research) talks about a new way of collecting customised data via social media.

Market Research And Customised Quantitiative Data

The face of market research is changing and with it so are many of the approaches and methodologies.  Methods used to collect customised quantitative data have remained relatively stagnant over the past decades.  While traditional approaches are costly and time-consuming, often undertaken by large traditional market research companies, more affordable do-it-yourself or self-service methods lack rigor and impinge on the ability of market researchers to manipulate or perform more advanced statistical data analyses on the data.… Read more