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How to Manage Employee Sickness Absence

Sickness absence is an issue that many managers dread. Here are our tips on how to manage the process in a constructive way.


How to manage sickness absence is a big question in small agencies. In the past, I have spoken to worried senior managers who fill the gaps as best they can while figuring out what to do about the employee who is causing the problems. Sometimes, what they really want to do is start fresh with a new employee but are concerned about risking an unfair dismissal claim.… Read more

How to Beat Bullying at Work

According to a 2010 TUC survey, one third of safety representatives reported bullying at work as a problem.  In addition, the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development reports that bullying, harassment and victimisation are ongoing issues in UK organisations.  You only have to look at the recent news to find an example of sexual harassment allegations made against Lord Rennard, previously a senior figure in the Liberal Democrat party.

Harassment and bullying at work is a live and toxic aspect of day-to-day business in Britain. … Read more

The Salary Question – How to Deal with Salary Demands

So you’ve found the perfect person for your job, but they are asking for more than you anticipated: what do you do? We look at how to prepare for salary demands above your pay scale, and how to deal with them.

Salary expectations can be a touchy subject for both candidate and client. Many of us find the subject rather distasteful. In the US, however, asking someone what they earn is perfectly acceptable dinner party conversation. This upfront attitude to salary demands is something we should all adopt when recruiting.… Read more