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Pensions & Auto-Enrolment – How It Will Affect You?

Have you heard the terms ‘workplace pension’ and ‘auto enrolment’ being mentioned recently? You may have also seen television and newspaper adverts on the subject, so we thought we’d give you a brief rundown on just what it all means.

So what is this all about?

The Government are aware that not everybody saves money whilst they are working to help them pay for things when they stop. Whilst we should all get something from the state when we retire, this is usually not enough for us to live on comfortably.… Read more

Maternity Leave – How to Ensure Smooth Transitions

Maternity Leave - How to Ensure Smooth TransitionsAre you or an employee about to go on maternity leave? Read our post about how ensure an effective handover at work: and how to make a smooth transition back to work when maternity leave ends.


Maternity leave signifies a momentous time in a woman’s life. While your pregnancy, or an employee’s may not have had any significant impact at work in the lead up to maternity leave; this is all about to change. Agencies and employees need to work together to make a smooth transition into maternity leave, and then back into work when maternity leave ends.… Read more

How to Work with Employees Returning from a Sabbatical

Do you allow employees to take a sabbatical? Are you considering offering this option as an incentive for hard work and commitment? Sabbaticals can be extremely beneficial for both employer and employee, but it’s important to get the transition back into work right. We look at how to work with employees returning from a sabbatical.

Sabbaticals can be a great incentive to existing and prospective employees; encouraging staff to remain with your company and as a tool to recruit new talent.… Read more