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Sticking to a Budget During the Change Management Process

How to Stick to a Budget During the Change Management ProcessChange is part of any business and is a necessity for an agency to grow and stay competitive within the creative industry. All sorts of changes might occur; from staffing levels, restructuring of departments and processes, to mergers and changes to the agency’s offering.

Here at Source LF we have had recent experience of this with the merging of Source and Lipton Fleming at the beginning of 2014, and the subsequent growth in our team.

Change Management And £££££s

In my experience some changes are difficult to manage, while others are much easier.… Read more

Managing Change In Your Agency

Managing Change In Your BusinessLife constantly changes and we never quite know what is round the corner, which is what makes it interesting! Businesses also have to change to adapt to the market. Although this can cause a lot of disgruntlement with employees, it is the only way the business will survive.

Changes can happen for many different reasons, including merging with other agencies, moving location, new technologies, staffing; and employees need to be able to adapt to these. Many people don’t particularly enjoy change, which is why employers need to ensure the change management process is effective and causes as little disruption to the business as possible.… Read more

What You Need To Know About Employment Policy Writing

employment policyAre you a start up or growing agency? Have you given much thought to employment policy and procedures? I know there are many more exciting things to do for your creative agency than paperwork, but it is really important, and there are benefits to getting these policies in place early. So for the success of your agency and everyone who works in it, read this post!

Why Do You Need Employment Policies?


Within any company, there is a need for policies and procedures to be put in place, otherwise employees don’t really know where they stand or what is expected of them.… Read more