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Tale of the Night – The One Thing I’d Change In Advertising

We’ve got another brilliant Storify recap of the night at Creative Social, this time around everyones talking “The One Thing I’d Change In Advertising”. A very interesting topic and possibly controversial on a few accounts. It was a great line up of people from a variety of different areas and some great speeches were heard from all. We’ve got a whole round of video interviews coming up from the speakers, which we thoroughly recommend you keep an eye out for over on our YouTube Channel.… Read more

Creative Social Is Coming! What’s The One Thing You Would Change in Advertising?

It’s that time again, Creative Social is coming up very soon on September the 3rd. Straying away from their usual wacky titles, “The one thing I would change in advertising”. Nice and simple, yet just enough to get us excited to be attending again for no doubt another evening of strange outfits, controversial opinions and of course, plenty of humour.

Source Asked Elle Whiteley A Few Questions About The Upcoming Creative Social.


As per usual we’ve asked Elle Whiteley, Creative Social’s lovely event’s manager, a few questions about Creative Social itself and the upcoming event.… Read more

Tim Palmer – Career Insights at Creative Social

In the last of our series of videos from the latest Creative Social, we speak with Tim Palmer from Inferno, he is their Digital Director and a very passionate man about all things digital. We get some career insights from him and in this video we discuss his career progression through the years. As always he shares some invaluable advice for perhaps the younger creative looking to raise their profile, or gain a foothold in the creative industry.

One of the best ways of raising your profile within the industry is to “have a point of view, and tell people about it”.… Read more