How I Became A…

What it’s like to be a… Producer

Senior Prodproject management, producer, creative producer, productionucer Angel Lewis has shared his experience and knowledge of the role in How to become a Senior Producer and Senior Producer – the job description.  If you’re interested in working in production this series of posts gives a great insight into the role.  In this post, Angel shares his personal experience of working in this challenging and rewarding role.

“Being able to produce things and work with all departments of an agency is what I love most about being a Producer, you have to be incredibly organised and be able to work, at times, under a lot of pressure.

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Senior Producer – the job description

We featured a guest post from Angel Lewis explaining how he became a senior producer, part of our “How I became a…” series.  This time Angel looks at the skills needed to do this role effectively.  If you’re thinking that production is the job for you, read on…

“Being a Senior Producer can be a really demanding role, but you get to work with really creative people. You need to be incredibly organised and work well under the pressure of deadlines.

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How I became a Senior Producer

Senior producer, project manager, creative producer, creative project managementContinuing our series on what it takes to become a particular role/job in London’s Marketing, Advertising and Digital Agencies, Angel Lewis talks to us about how to become a Senior Producer. If you want to find out how to be a producer or progress your career, read on. If you want to share your story in the same way, let us know…

Angel Lewis is a Senior Project Manager/Producer. He has worked in agencies in London, Dublin and Sydney; including VCCP, George Patterson Bates, Rothco, AMV, Wieden + Kennedy, DLKW Lowe & Albion London.Read more