How I Became A…

How I Became a Social Media Manager

Have you ever considered a career as a social media manager? If you have a gift for communication and a love for social media, this might be your dream job. The role of a Social Media Manager is a very exciting one and with the importance of social media in marketing it is a very crucial one. You could be the brand ambassador who is responsible for creating the public image online for a company.

In this blog post you will hear from Joseph Barnes, the Senior Account Manager from Sky Social about his position as Social Media Manager.Read more

How I Became A Digital Copywriter

digital copywriting, digital mediaEver wondered how someone becomes a digital copywriter? As with many creatives, Tom Newman did a few other jobs before finding his way to copywriting. Now a Senior Creative at Toaster Ltd, find out how Tom became a digital copywriter below. If you would like to share your career story please contact us.

What did you study at school/college/university?

I studied Interactive Arts at UWCN Newport. It was a weird blend of fine art, installation design, fabrication, film, robotics and web design.Read more

Creative Career Insights with Richard Huntington, Saatchi & Saatchi – VIDEO

Creative Career Insights with Richard Huntington, Saatchi and SaatchiRichard Huntington, Director of Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi gives us an insight into his lengthy career. This includes how he dealt with first rejections at the beginning of his professional path, but still moved on to become one of the UK’s most successful creative minds. He also shares his opinion on what the best part of agency life is.

We interview some of London’s finest creative people, to give you insights to working in the industry and having a successful career.… Read more