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How to Network Your Way into a New Role

How to Network Your Way into a New Role

Whether you are active on the job market or passive, you should always be networking and building strong relationships so over time you build a portfolio of contacts, ready to support you when needed.

Ways to network your way into a new job

A clever way to network your way into a new role, is to use the power of LinkedIn to enhance your application.

Upon securing an interview with one of our clients, we would advise that you look at your LinkedIn connections and see who you share with your future employer. … Read more

What To Do If You Hate Your Job

hate-your-jobDoes the thought of 9am Monday morning fill you with dread? Is Friday at 5.30 the highlight of your working week? Sounds like you are in that unenviable position where you hate your job, and there is no worse a feeling.

We spend a lot of time at work – we see our colleagues more than we see our family. To dislike where you work or what you do can invoke depressing feelings and make your Monday to Friday unbearable. This is how to improve your working situation.… Read more

8 Interview Mistakes That Will Cost You the Job

Interview MistakesIn order to secure a new role your interview has to be spot on. Not learning from your past interview mistakes can make the job hunting process far more painful than it needs to be. Often it is just a simple mistake that can stop you progressing to the next stage, so take five minutes and read our quick guide to interview mistakes you simply have to avoid making when actively looking for a job.

1. Lack of research

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.… Read more