Finding A Creative Job

How to Properly Research an Employer Before an Interview

How to Properly Research a Company Before an InterviewThere are two questions that are pretty much guaranteed in an interview process; what you know about the company and why you want the job. In order to be able to answer these questions effectively, you need to conduct some thorough research on the agency or organisation you are applying to.

If you attend an interview and don’t know anything about the company, you are very unlikely to get the job. In my experience when interviewing candidates, I have asked this very question and on numerous occasions been met with a blank look.… Read more

Beating Interview Nerves: Creatively

Beating Interview Nerves CreativelyNerves can get the better of even the most confident of people.  I know in the past, when I have been for an interview, I have been the victim of cotton wool mouth and shaking knees.

In fact, I found, the more interested in the role, the more nervous I became.

Apparently, inability to form sentences is not on many hirers most wanted list.

You can reduce susceptibility to nerves by ensuring you are perfectly prepared for the meeting. Knowing everything about the agency, the hiring manager, and your own background means you should enter the interview suite feeling like you have done all you can in advance.… Read more

How To Demonstrate ROI To Prospective Employers

How To Demonstrate ROI To Prospective EmployersIn his New Year’s post, Jonathan Lindon shared how he believes candidates need to become highly marketable for success in 2015. Specifically, they need to demonstrate how they offer more value compared to the competition. This got me thinking about how important it is for account execs, and other candidates, to demonstrate ROI (Return On Investment) to prospective employers.

No Different To Pitching To Clients

Taking Jonathan’s thoughts further I would say that the recruitment process is very similar to pitching for an account or campaign, and candidates can learn from this process.… Read more