Finding A Creative Job

How Do I Know I’m Worth My Salary?

How Do I Know I'm Worth My SalaryBeing offered a new job can be exciting, and often we sign on the dotted line without giving enough consideration to what we are actually being offered. So it’s important before you accept any job, to look into the salary and whether it is an acceptable rate.

Are you being paid what you are actually worth? In the creative industry salaries and rates tend to differ between a range of jobs. There are various aspects to consider when thinking about how much you may be worth and several actions you can take to get an estimate on what salary to expect.… Read more

Creative CV: Does Yours Reflect Creativity?

Creative CV Does Yours Reflect CreativityMost generic CV advice suggests that candidates design their CVs in a concise, clean format, steering clear of ‘arty’ designs that distract readers from the information it contains. While this sounds to me like good advice for anyone working in the corporate world, what about those of us in the creative industry?

Surely graphic designers, typographers, artworkers, and other creatives need to do more on their CV than use a standard Word CV template?

Over the years that I have been a creative recruitment consultant, I have seen my fair share of ‘creative’ CVs.… Read more

Bright Lights, Big City: Are You Prepared To Relocate To London?

Bright Lights, Big City Are You Prepared To Relocate To LondonI have seen lots of CVs over the years that state that the candidate is “prepared to relocate for the right job.” It does make me wonder how much thought has gone into this statement. Of course, many people are actively looking for a new job that will allow them to relocate; and, of these, the vast majority of creative and design candidates have their sights set on London.

There are clear advantages for making this geographical move, particularly from an area with limited opportunities to work in advertising, digital or marketing.… Read more