Finding A Creative Job

How to Prioritise Your Skills and Experience To Create the Perfect CV

As a recruiter I am often asked how to write a great CV.  My answer remains the same to everyone who asks: “ Don’t rely on one CV – make sure you create a great CV for every job you are applying for.”

To try and put this into context.  When you are going out for the night, typically you chose a different outfit to what you wore on the last evening out.  You may dress differently for the cinema than what you would for a meal in a nice resturant. … Read more

What Do Clients Look for in Your Portfolio?

Have you given much thought to what clients look for in your portfolio? Have you tailored it for their agency, or do you use the same folio for every interview you go to? We look at what potential employers are looking for in your folio, and what they really want to know about you.

Your Portfolio – What Should You Include?

Whether you are a graphic designer, art director, developer, project manager, or other creative understanding what a potential employer or client is looking for is extremely important.… Read more

Job Seekers: How to Avoid the Job Search Blues

Job hunting can often be a full time role without pay. It is easy to only see rejection and lose your confidence when looking for your next role. This post gives some great tips on how to keep your chin up if you are experiencing the job search blues and help you secure that next role.

I recently interviewed a candidate new to the market, who was frustrated after only a week of looking for her next position.  She had been made redundant from her last role and was worried about being out of work for a long time.… Read more