Finding A Creative Job

What Is An Integrated Designer?

What Is An Integrated DesignerOnce upon a time, companies relying on strong design work would employ a number of people of various specialisms. In any given design team you could find a graphic designer, a brand manager, a web designer, and others. Nowadays, with many companies becoming leaner, more flexible and mobile, and with many new companies working with smaller, remote teams of freelancers and part-time staff, the expectations of designers has changed.

The role of “integrated designer” has gained popularity recently due to this – so what is an integrated designer, and what kind of work is available for you if this job description describes you to a tee?… Read more

How To Get An Art Director To Notice You

How to Get an Art Director to Employ YouDo the kinds of jobs you are interested in mean that you need to get noticed by the agency’s Art Director? Many creative roles are managed and overseen by an Art Director, who might be recruiting a team for a specific project, or filling vacancies within the creative department.

In larger agencies Art Directors head up specific projects or campaigns, typically overseen by a Creative Director. Frequently partnering with a Copywriter, Art Directors often have a reputation for delivering a particular kind of work, and anyone wanting to work with them will need be a great fit for this creative dynamic.… Read more

Developing Your Career Through Your Creative Portfolio

Enhancing Your Career Through Your Creative PortfolioDoes your portfolio really showcase your talents and make creative agencies sit up and take notice? Or does it lack direction and focus, with a mishmash of work and projects that don’t really convey who you are and what you can do?

Read on for my advice on how to streamline your portfolio and give your creative career a boost.

5 Ways To Improve Your Portfolio

Just as I would recommend tailoring your CV to a specfic job application, your portfolio should be compiled for both the role you are after, and the agency you hope to work for.… Read more