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Career Advice From Technical Director Toby Powell-Blyth

Career Advice From Technical Director Toby Powell-BlythTechnical Director, Toby Powell-Blyth of Mr & Mrs Smith, recently took the time to speak to me about his career. If you missed “5 Mins With…Technical Director Toby Powell-Blyth”, it’s worth a read to find out how he got to where he is. Continuing this interview, Toby now shares his career advice for those looking to follow a similar path to his:

How To Become A Technical Director

What 3 bits of advice would you have for someone wanting to be a Creative Technologist?… Read more

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

pay rise, salaryWhen it comes to salary, we would all like to earn more and sometimes we need to be prepared to put ourselves out there to get it. If you have been working in the same role for a number of years and feel you are consistently performing above and beyond your role, or are being paid less than the market rate, there is no harm in trying to negotiate a pay rise.

However, it is important that you don’t just waltz into your manager’s office and demand more money or threaten to leave, you must take time to consider why you deserve a pay rise.… Read more

How To Stay Creative And Inspired In A Permanent Role

How To Stay Creative And Inspired In A Permanent RolePerhaps one of the biggest challenges for a creative in a permanent role is to keep those creativity levels high. Turning up to work, day-in-day-out, is not always conducive to staying inspired and innovative. Although many agencies go out of their way to design creative environments to keep their employees engaged, I’m not sure that creativity is something you can turn on or off.

Inevitably throughout your creative career there will be times when you feel unable to deliver ‘creativity on demand’, and whilst a freelancer might be able to take the day off and find inspiration by doing something different, the permanent employee may not have this flexibility.… Read more