Career Success

Be Careful What You Post!

Social media is a fantastic tool to use when searching for a new job, liaising with colleagues, making new friends, staying in touch with those far away and generally being connected. However, there is a cautionary tale to be told if you are going to utilise social media to solve your employment requirement or indeed just talk about your employment status in the social media sphere.

We live in a world where your social media profile is practically accessible by everyone and anyone.… Read more

Commuting to London

Having always been a city girl, it was a big decision for my husband and I to move outside of London, but we felt that by moving outside the city we could provide a better lifestyle for our young son and baby on the way. It wasn’t the easiest of decisions to make as a number of factors had to be considered– most importantly – where??

The rest followed suit. While researching into potential places for us to move to, certain requirements were essential:  commuting times and ticket affordability, schools, house prices/value for money and culture/people fit. … Read more

Keeping your CV and Portfolio Up-to-date

At Source we meet over 15 new digital designers and creatives every week. We spend around an hour talking people through their CV, portfolio, market conditions, possible career paths and what they can expect from us moving forward.  As you can imagine we get asked the same questions every day from people concerned about their chances of landing a new job.  However, often the same questions and issues arise each day. For example:

  • “How do I get a job with an old portfolio, as my new work isn’t live yet?”
  • “Is my CV Ok?”
  • “I have heard of some agencies, but don’t keep up to date with their work – is this ok?”
  • “Do Saatchi & Saatchi do digital yet, or just still TV?”

Portfolio Tips

An old portfolio is one thing, but old content and projects is another. … Read more