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Time Management Advice From Hypnotist Zoe Clews

time managementHypnotist Zoe Clews has a lot of experience helping professionals learn skills for time management. Although her consultations naturally involve hypnotherapy, there are many techniques you can learn for yourself without being hypnotised. In this guest post Zoe shares seven steps for programming your subconscious mind for effective time management.

We are all trying these in the office, let us know if you do too.


How To Programme Your Subconscious Mind For Effective Time Management


Many of us struggle to focus on our working lives in the way that we would like to.… Read more

Dealing With Difficult Employees

employeesWe’ve all met them; difficult people who somehow manage to rub everyone up the wrong way.

It’s OK if you only have to deal with them occasionally. But what if you have to work with them day-in-day-out? What if you were the one who employed them?!

Managing tricky personalities in the workplace is a true test of your leadership. Whether they are disruptive, rude, arrogant or plain lazy, their presence can create negativity, frustration and resentment amongst those working alongside them.… Read more

Industry Insight from Technical Director Toby Powell-Blyth

Industry Insight from Technical Director Toby Powell-BlythIn the final instalment of my interview with Technical Director, Toby Powell-Blyth of Mr & Mrs Smith, we explore the industry and his predications for the future, as well as where the role of Technical Director fits in today’s technological landscape. Read on if this is your field of interest:

Technical Directors and the role of Director of Technology is a hot topic currently…

Can you sum up Tech direction in one or two sentences?
Retaining the 3 year plan, and making sure all the work that gets done fits into that plan somehow.… Read more