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How To Get Out Of A Creative Rut

How To Get Out Of A Creative RutWe’ve all been there: stuck in a creative rut. This common problem is compounded by the fact that the more frustrated you become, the less likely you are to find the breakthrough you are looking for.

The team at Source empathises; no one is immune to getting stuck in a creative rut.   Understanding the problem completely, we thought this infographic from CopyBlogger, demonstrating many useful ways to break down those common creative blocks, would come in handy.

Identifying common causes of the creative rut

Whether they are self-imposed obstacles or issues created by third parties, creative thinkers need to strip away preconceived ideas about the “correct” way to tackle a problem.… Read more

Ten-Step Guide To Essential Time Management Techniques

time management - time lost can never be regained
time management – time lost is never regained

We all have days, sometimes weeks, where time overtakes us and those crucial issues you wanted to address get left in the inbox.

Identifying time management techniques that you can incorporate into your daily work routine will help you both complete those crucial tasks and free up time for the things you never seem to get around to doing.

The fundamental key to successful time management is planning. It sounds obvious, but learning to isolate the time you’ve allocated for specific tasks is the difference between success and failure.… Read more

Why Networking Events Are A Great Way to Improve Your Career

typical atmosphere at informal networking events

How often do you attend networking events?  Whether your activity is a stepping stone to kick-starting a new career or to establish yourself further in your chosen field, networking is for you! 

We’re not talking stuffy, corporate events hosted in uninspiring conference centres, either.  You know the type, populated with shiny-suited ‘professionals’ shoving business cards carte blanche into sweaty palms?

No, we’re talking stimulating and inspiring networking attended by innovative creatives just like you.

At Source, we support a number of networking events, one example being Creative Social. … Read more