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How to Use Google Communities to Further Your Career

google communitiesFrom our recent survey into how you, our readers, use social media, we have extracted lots of interesting information. Unsurprisingly we discovered that the majority of our respondents use social media, with around 30% of users combining work and play.

Social media itself is a topic many respondents expressed an interest in, specifically tools that you can employ to further your career. To this end I thought we would look at how to use Google Communities to engage with potential employers.… Read more

Design Jobs: 5 Ways of Dealing With Clients

dealing with clientsIf you think the design jobs are all about creating amazing websites, graphics or print day-in-day-out; think again. It’s also about dealing with clients. While this can be an enjoyable part of your job (especially if they are singing your praises), the designer client relationship does have it’s downsides as well.

Design Jobs – Dealing With Clients

Have a look at this infographic from Basekit sharing 5 Things Every Designer Should Know When Dealing With Clients. Do any of them resonate with you?Read more

How A Blog Could Get You Your Next Job

blogging-personal-brandAre you a blogger? Are you a fan of Tumblr or more of a WordPress devotee? If you do blog, is your blog optimised for your personal brand and career success? If you are not sure what I mean and want to find out how to use a blog to land your next job, read on.

Blogging is not just the preserve of “Mummy Bloggers” and recruitment bloggers, like us! If you are not using a blog to share your work, no doubt you will be aware of people who are.… Read more