Ballsy Brands Quarterly With Jon Burkhart

Tomorrow evening will see the unique Jon Burkhart, founder of content marketing consultancy TBC London, present BBallsy Contentallsy Brands Quarterly, otherwise known as BBQ.

The event will run from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and can be located at WeWork Devonshire Square, near Liverpool St tube station.

We spoke to Jon to get an insight into what we can expect.

The purpose of the event:

The purpose of Ballsy Brands Quarterly is to meet interesting people who work in tech, start-ups, media and marketing in a relaxed environment that doesn’t feel like work. I’ve spent a lot of time employing interactive play and gaming techniques into my workshops so they feel less like work. This event is an extension of that. It’s a fun, high-energy, booze-fuelled gig where anything could happen. You need to be prepared to be surprised and delighted in weird or wonderful ways. You also need to know that everything has a purpose.

More on the creator of this event:

Jon (@jonburkhart) is a copywriter turned content strategist. He lives to create stuff and is more comfortable facilitating a ‘hack day” or “hackathon” than in an office. Before he makes stuff for a client, he has to know why he’s created it and who it’s for. This has to be in the form of a written content strategy.

The structure of the event:

For Part One of the Ballsy Brands Quarterly, Jon will take you through the BEST and WORST content created by brands. He will pitch this to you as if you’re the client and he’s the intern that created it (if it’s a BALLS-UP) or the genius like you (if it’s BALLSY). He will shed a little bit of light on why this content was created and bring you into the chat if you want. This is the lightning quick ’content strategy” bit.

AND THEN IT’S UP TO YOU. GET YOUR BALLS OUT. He will let you vote with your balls (supplied) for what you LOVE and HATE. If it’s just a bit bland (like most content we make for clients sadly) please don’t throw. Someone will be keeping score of how many balls are thrown for the BBQ #1 Leaderboard.

After this BBQ Brand Balls-Off, we will have a break, eat some BBQ, make some content (vox pops and 15 sec interviews – with props as well) thanks to Source LF and Neil Edwards Films and then prepare ourselves for Part Two. The purpose for Part Two is totally different. This is all about stories.

The Theme of Part Two:

The theme is “Childhood or Child-like” and the speakers are relating a story from childhood that has shaped them into the amazing thought leader that they are today.

The Reason For Picking This Theme:

Jon feels that a lot of the BALLS-UPS and all of the BALLSY bits of content are down to one thing. Has the creator channeled his or her passion into the work or has the person had his or her “think like a marketing person” hat on instead?

When were you at your most human? A lot of people think that they were most curious and real and passionate as children? We are exploring these moments of curiosity that may have helped create a path for the speaker to their current levels of awesomeness as working professionals. Speakers are allowed to talk about moments that led to SUCCESS which Jon calls BALLSY moments as well as failures or BALLS-UPS. The audience may learn more from the speakers’ mistakes if they’re willing to be vulnerable — and have balls thrown at them as punishment/support.

Example of Brand Balls-Up:

If we don’t think like real human beings, we are in danger of creating promotions where brands hand out large tubs of butter on a hot July day and “surprise and delight” commuters who think it’s ice-cream. This lack of humanity can also lead to oral hygiene brands building ‘creative newsrooms” (one of the things Jon does at his consultancy TBC London) for the World Cup to hijack every major moment and relate it back to bad breath.

More About The Speakers And Why They Were Picked:

Follow these folks on Twitter. They are all amazing people who work in marketing and tech. They all are people who Jon really enjoy chatting with because they have an interesting take on things. They’re all very real. No bull-shit. He’s partnered with many of these folk for workshops. He’s attended their events. He’s organised events with them. He’s been to dinner at their houses – some of them. He’s been invited to get involved in their podcasts. All he can promise is that they’ll be interesting and they won’t be talking about case studies with bullet-points and charts. seo website analysis report There’s a time for that but it’s not with BBQ, beer and balls on a Friday night.

BBQ speaker list
Click links on the left to follow them on Twitter.


-  Louisa Heinrich, Superhuman Limited;


-  Kulsoom Kausher, Wandering Bear (co-host);


-  Dan Kirby, Tech Department;


-  Jon Morter, “Social Media Hellraiser”


-  Tom Ollerton, We Are Social,


-  Adah Parris, Personal Branding Expert


-  Simon White, Formation London



The Types of People Who Will benefit From The BBQ:

Anyone working in marketing, media, tech or start-ups. Anyone who is involved in the making of content for brands including their personal brand


What People Will Gain From Attending:

A better understanding of how to create human, real content that people will want to share.

A load of contacts for people to collaborate with in making BALLSY content

A desire to go to events that involve them more in the content

A desire to speak at the next BBQ in late January

A chance to win one of two slots to Jon and amazing speaker/consultant Louisa Heinrich’s BALLSY Content Workshop ( which is happening on Tuesday 20th October (before Louisa flies back to Berlin as she’s flown over just for these two events)