Beating Interview Nerves: Creatively

Beating Interview Nerves CreativelyNerves can get the better of even the most confident of people.  I know in the past, when I have been for an interview, I have been the victim of cotton wool mouth and shaking knees.

In fact, I found, the more interested in the role, the more nervous I became.

Apparently, inability to form sentences is not on many hirers most wanted list.

You can reduce susceptibility to nerves by ensuring you are perfectly prepared for the meeting. Knowing everything about the agency, the hiring manager, and your own background means you should enter the interview suite feeling like you have done all you can in advance.

This should help bring your heart rate down a little. But still nerves can be pesky little beggars, and sometimes no amount of pre interview prep can stop them from appearing just as the interviewer enters the room and reaches out to shake your hand.

So, I have complied and researched ways to try and help you avoid the dreaded nerves, allowing you to be yourself and really shine at interview.  I hope you like some of the ideas I have found.

Got a touch of the Shakin’ Stevens?

You need to start clenching…  Yes, really!  Clenching your thighs tightly or even your buttocks will stop your hands from shaking whilst giving you a great posture that exudes confidence.  It is a win win nerve beating action.

Known to be a bit clumsy?

It’s common knowledge that interview rooms can be riddled with obsticles; chairs, tables and vases alike. So, with that in mind, it’s important to keep your focus on not only the individuals interviewing you, but also the route you chose to your seat. A momentary lapse in concentration could end up in the Director’s family vase smashed as you stagger back to your feet after a collision with that table inconveniently placed by the door. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you! As important as it is to calm your nerves, don’t let your spatial awareness fail you.

Dry Mouth Syndrome?

Dry mouth can impact many people prone to nerves, make sure you accept the offer of water to help ease the sandpaper feeling.

Before the interview watch or read something funny, laughing is a great way to open up your throat and get the juices flowing.

Slow it right down

If you manage to cure cotton wool mouth but then suddenly become afflicted with a motormouth, you have simply replaced one nervous tension with another.  Speaking at the speed of light can be disastrous in an interview situation.

Before commencing the interview take some steady deep breaths.  Breathe in and out slowly through your nose and you will find that your pulse will stop pounding, your heart rate will slow and you will be capable of normal conversation once more.

Good luck!

Another way to ease those interview nerves is to get some practise in. Come and see us at Source LF and we will put you through your interview paces, and give you a chance to practise and learn from experience!