Ad of the Month – The Lexus Hoverboard

Lexus HoverboardHovering on excellence – Source LF’s advert of the month


The Lexus Hoverboard campaign was developed at CHI & Partners by Executive Jonathan Burley, Monty Verdi, Creatives Brad Woolf and Dan Bailey, CEO Nick Howarth, Business Director Jack Shute,Catherine Peacock, Account Director at CHI&Partners, Agency Producers Zoe Barlow, Nikki Cramphorn, Nicola Ridley, Matt Cresswell, Lindsay Hughes and Planner Rebecca Munds.


To begin, this is no illusion. Lexus truly have designed and created a hoverboard. Pumped full of Back To The Future nostalgia, this breakthrough in technology is perhaps every Marty McFly’s dream.

Unfortunately, more likely than not, the hoverboard isn’t being designed for commercial use any time soon. Whilst the wondrous design would be fantastic to see on our streets, we feel it will be a while before anyone other than Lexus introduces another. Having said this, people said humans would never land on the Moon nor do one way tickets to Mars, so who knows what the future brings?

With every miracle comes a backdrop of hard work. I am sad to say that the hoverboard is not magic, but in fact, an intrinsic combination of talent and magnetic levitation science. This innovative, skateboard-like machine uses liquid nitrogen, cooled semiconductors and magnets to hover over a purpose built Skate Park. So regrettably, we won’t all be “hoverboarding” to work during the next tube strike, but we do think the idea works in making us remember Lexus as a stylish and innovative brand.

We caught up with Creative Director, Monty Verdi, to get his take on the project …


Monty VerdiWith such an advanced concept of “bringing imagination and tech together to create something great”, Monty told us how “every step of the process was a challenge.” Having been involved in the project from start to finish, including a quick go on the final product, Monty explained how there were “numerous prototypes” which elongated the already monstrous project further. However, despite the time frame, Monty explained that the process was full of “brilliant moments throughout” and that one of his major highlights was “watching someone successfully skate on the hoverboard.

The campaign’s launch has caught the imagination of consumers around the world. To get involved use the hashtags #LexusHover and #AmazinginMotion OR comment below to share your thoughts.