5 Mins With…Dave Birss, Head Of TV

head of TVAt last month’s Mini Cannes I caught up with Dave Birss again to ask him for 5 minutes of his time. Luckily for us, and you, he was happy to go on camera sharing insights into his career.

What Does Head Of TV Mean?

I was intrigued to find out what Dave would have done differently in his early career, if he could go back with the knowledge he has now. We also wanted to find out more about his role as Head of TV, what the most rewarding parts of his job are, and what the future holds for him.

Also at Mini Cannes was Daniel Harvey, Experience Design Director at SapientNitro. I persuaded him to reveal what he looks for in online portfolios, offering a great insight for anyone looking to fine-tune their portfolio content and presentation.

Check out Dave Birss’s interview below, and then click on this link to see Daniel Harvey’s interview.

Mini Cannes was a night full of brilliant talks inspired by the magic of Cannes Lions Festival and brought up a lot of brilliant points around the current trends in the . Plenty of rose, pizza and beer flowed and offered a fabulous night for all of us there.