This Year’s Top Christmas Adverts

This Years Top Christmas AdvertsAs Christmas approaches, each year we are seeing bigger and better adverts. Campaign budgets go out the window and themes become ever more extravagant. In this post, we take a quick look at some of the adverts we feel have stood out the most.

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Cadbury “Christmas 2015″ by Fallon London

The Mondelez-owned confectionary brand, created a giant advent calendar, made up of 24 Cadbury purple lorries, for its £10 million Christmas campaign.

We love this advert, aimed more so at the younger generation I feel, but it had me wondering if I would see a Cadbury’s truck this Christmas, and if so would they be delivering chocolate? There isn’t a message, or touching story embedded, however, it does have a festive tone. Using a Christmas jingle, the advert works well to create excitement among consumers.

John Lewis “man on the moon” by Adam & Eve/DDB

It’s the most eagerly anticipated Christmas advert of the year. The retailer’s latest festive campaign tells the story of a young girl, who brings Christmas to a lonely old man, living on the moon.

Consistency springs to mind. Incorporating an emotional song, impacting with the consumer watching a child give a touching show of kindness, successfully pulls on the heart strings. Adam & Eve/DDB do it again, great advert.

Edeka “#HeimKommen” by Jung von Matt

This advert tells the story of an elderly gentleman being let down by his family year after year as they never make it to see him at Christmas. Resulting in him faking his own death, the family are finally reunited, only to learn it was a desperate ploy to get everyone home for Christmas.

In the race to create the most emotional Christmas advert, this year see’s Jung von Matt rise to the challenge. However, the tone only take a Christmas-y stance in the last minute, as prior to this, it portrays the sadness of a lonely elderly man. Similarly to John Lewis ‘Man on the Moon’, the advert sends out a message to look out for those who may be alone this Christmas. This is a real tear jerker and definitely a strong contender for this year’s best Christmas advert.

The Body Shop “jingle bells” by Mr President

The online spot shows people indulging in shower karaoke. Audiences hear the Christmas classic Jingle Bells sung in six different languages – English, Cantonese, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French.

This advert makes a great connection with Water Aid and the fact that they are giving back. The advert is festive, fun and adds humour where a lot of the other adverts have been lacking. The singing in the shower set up promotes their products well, but isn’t pushy! The diversity in nationalities makes this an enjoyable watch for any audience, gender, culture and nationality. Good effort Mr President.

Lidl “school of Christmas” by TBWA\London

Lidl imagines a school where people learn essential skills for surviving the holiday season, such as making the perfect leftover sandwich and building snowmen.

This advert is different and inspires collaboration and a unique idea to create a festive and warm feeling among all age groups. Lidl have done well to stick to their brand ethos of money saving.

Mulberry “the miracle of Mulberry” by Adam & Eve/DDB

A handbag takes the place of baby Jesus, in Mulberry’s humorous take on the nativity scene.

With the same tone as last year, Mulberry adds to the humour to their Christmas advert. Ironically almost mocking the love of their own brand, they use product placement in a tactful way that isn’t pushy. With a nativity themed plot the campaign is light hearted and brings about a festive cheer.

Sainsbury’s ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ by AMV BBDO

Emma Thompson voices the story of Mog the clumsy cat’s Christmas misadventure. Mog is a character created using CGI, taken from the popular children’s book series by author Judith Kerr, and tells a story of chaos at Christmas.

The commercial trumped the John Lewis ‘Man on the Moon’ by collecting over 25,000,000 views, capturing the hearts and imaginations of all those who know the beloved children’s book.

Simple, yet sweet and well played by AMV BBDO.


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