10 Steps to Find a New Job in the New Year

10 Steps to Find a New Job in the New YearAs a new year approaches, most of us have some plans for what we want to achieve for the year ahead. Often this means ‘out with the old and in with the new’, and you might be thinking about securing alternative employment.

According to a pan-European study by ADP, The Workforce View in Europe 2015/16 published last month, UK employees are the least loyal in Europe with a staggering 47% of them planning to move jobs by 2018!

If you are one of them, looking to secure a new job in the New Year, these ten steps should get you started.

Find A New Job In 2016!

1.Update Your CV/Portfolio

Whether you have been in your current role for 1 or 10 years, it is time to update your CV to reflect any new skills you have obtained. We learn something new in every job, so make sure your CV reflects this. You should also update your portfolio and/or your showreel to show any new skills you have learned.

2.Let People Know

There are subtle ways you can let other companies know you are in the market for a new job. For instance, you can connect with relevant people on LinkedIn, such as managers of web or graphic design agencies, and register with creative agencies. The more avenues you use for sourcing a new job, the better your chances of securing something you love.

3. Enhance Your Skills

If there is a specific job you are interested in but you don’t have the right skills for it, don’t get disheartened. You can enrol on an online course to get you to the right level and apply for jobs once you are there. If you get an interview, you can explain that you are currently doing the course to get you to the level and this will show your enthusiasm and eagerness for the role.

4.Apply for the Right Jobs

There is no point in applying for jobs which are asking for experience that you don’t have, as you are just wasting your time. Make sure you read through the job spec and at least meet with most of the criteria.

5.Target Organisations

If there are specific organisations you’d like to work with, target them. Engage with agencies on social media, connect with their decision makers, consider how you can demonstrate your fit for their organisation. If you want to make a speculative application, give the agency compelling reasons they should invite you in for a chat and why they should keep you on their radar.

6.Follow Up

If there is a job you really want, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and follow up on your application. This will help demonstrate your level of commitment and enthusiasm for the role. If you want to land your dream job, you need to be prepared to break down as many doors as possible to get there.

7.Stay Available

Always make sure you have your phone with you, so you don’t miss any calls about jobs, and check your emails regularly, including your junk mail. Many companies email details about interviews, rather than calling and you don’t want to miss out.

8. Be Flexible

You may only be looking for permanent work but in the creative industry there are also lots of , so you might want to cast your net a little wider. Don’t restrict yourself to permanent work if it’s a job you really want to do. The more flexible you can be in your job search, the better your chance of success.

9.Prepare for Interview

If your application is successful and you get invited for interview, make sure you prepare for the role. Having reached the interview stage, you are halfway there so don’t mess it up at the interview by being under prepared.

10.Ask for Feedback

Where possible ask for feedback, whether your job application has been turned down at the CV stage, or further down the line. If you are using a recruitment agency for your job search ask your consultant to chase up feedback, this can all help make your next application a success.

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