Freelancers – How to Get Paid

Freelancers - How to Get PaidFreelancing: one of the best ways to work, you can choose your own clients, work your own hours, take duvet days when you need them, basically live the life fantastic.


Yes, and no. Being your own boss, means exactly that.  As well as being an outstanding creative director, designer, or project manager you also need to be a book-keeper, debt collector, and accountant.

Because we all like to get paid, no matter how much we do our work out of love.… Read more

Want a change in career? Recruitment: Is it a career option for you?

Try something newAs we move into a more positive economic time, the government talks incessantly about the number of opportunities available for employment. However the conversation usually turns to young people moving from education and into work. Some into genuine salaried roles, but many others into poorly paid internships, or zero hour contracts in poorly paid jobs, with few prospects – all of which manipulate the real employment figures. Interestingly, we don’t hear much about opportunities to move from one type of employed position to another.… Read more

Win-Me the Pooh!

GOSH logoNow who out there wouldn’t want a 3ft Winnie the Pooh soft bear?! Not you personally? Then maybe your children, nieces or nephews, young cousins…or even that friend that has always been a little too into cuddly toys! Either way, that’s exactly what we are Source LF are giving away and it could not be easier to win!

As part of our engrained desire do our bit for charity and help those less fortunate, Source LF are working hard this year to raise funds and awareness for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).… Read more