The Recruitment Mistakes You Must Avoid!

recruitment mistakesRecruitment mistakes - as consultants we have all encountered them. We’ve all heard some bizarre things come out of the mouths of job seekers and we’ve seen our fair share of things that have made our jaws drop in amazement.

It makes the job that little bit more interesting, although often a lot more stressful!

Here are some classic bloopers we’ve seen from job applicants, polled from around the office and our clients too. Ensure you don’t commit any of these recruitment crimes!

The CV

  • Never describe yourself as having an eye for detail and then have a typo in your CV – oh the irony!

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What Factors Most Influence Your Staff Retention Levels?


staff retentionPeople are the biggest asset in any organisation, after all, they undertake the work which keeps the business thriving. The absence of talented, effective individuals can be highly detrimental to a business and in essence, it can cause an agency to collapse. In order to ensure a business is a success, there should be careful attention paid to employee relations and retention levels. In my experience as a recruiter in the creative industry, the factors below are the key elements which affect staff retention levels in an agency.… Read more

What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

professional handshakeHandshakes…. ask anyone if they have ever experienced a bad handshake and 90% of your audience will nod their head. Ask a room of recruiters and you will see heads furiously pounding back and forth as memories of limp handshakes flood their mind.

You will see some rub at their palms, grimacing, with the recollection of pain from an over enthused sales person who mistook a professional handshake for a wrestle. You will watch as a few reach for antibacterial wipe as they recall the chap with the sweaty fingers who left a not-so-great impression.… Read more