How to Use Google Communities to Further Your Career

google communitiesFrom our recent survey into how you, our readers, use social media, we have extracted lots of interesting information. Unsurprisingly we discovered that the majority of our respondents use social media, with around 30% of users combining work and play.

Social media itself is a topic many respondents expressed an interest in, specifically tools that you can employ to further your career. To this end I thought we would look at how to use Google Communities to engage with potential employers.… Read more

How to Write Effective Job Ads

writing effective job adsBack in the day, when I started in recruitment, advertising a job was a more paper driven process. I contacted the local rag, asked when they needed copy by, and pulled together a ‘shopping list’ style of adverts.

I.e. Title, salary, location.

Then I sent it to print and waited for the applications to arrive through the post.

Like all pre Internet recruiters, I have had to evolve my advert writing skills for the modern age. Now to create effective job ads it’s all about content and being Google friendly (SEO).… Read more

5 Tips to Attract and Recruit Talent

Talents RecruitmentIt’s notoriously difficult to attract and recruit top employees in the digital marketing industry. The continuous growth in this environment means it is becoming increasingly hard for agencies to recruit talent of the correct calibre to fill important roles. Poaching of employees between agencies is widespread and this can result in another obstacle for retaining talented staff. In my experience, there are several steps an agency can take to attract and recruit talented individuals in the digital marketing and performance business.… Read more