The Rise of the Social CV

the rise of the social cvThe future is social, right?

Social networking has transformed the way we live, the way we shop, our performance as consumers. Hence, it is no surprise that in some cases it has transformed how we apply for a new role. Job advertising platforms are now offering the opportunity to apply for roles with your LinkedIn page rather than a traditional CV. Employers are known to look over your social sites before deciding whether to invite you in for an interview.

So, is the traditional CV obsolete?

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Innovation Stories: Insights From Jeremy Basset of The Unilever Foundry

Innovation Stories Insights From Jeremy Basset of The Unilever FoundryJeremy Basset is Head of The Unilever Foundry. For those innovators who want to work with any one of Unilever’s 400+ brands, this is the starting point. The Foundry provides an environment for tech start-ups, creatives, designers and innovators to collaborate through a number of schemes and events; including hacks, pilots, crowdsourcing and mentoring.

Innovation Stories: Video

I caught up with Jeremy Basset at the Innovation Social event this summer, and took the opportunity to ask him for his insights on innovation and the importance of Labs and disruption.… Read more

The Challenges of In-House Recruiting

The Challenges of In-House RecruitingThe secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Steve Jobs 

Recruiting the right talent is exceptionally important and will, ultimately, determine how successful a business is. But how to get recruitment right?

There are two options available to organisations; use external recruiters, or keep it in-house. While there are benefits to keeping recruitment in-house, including consistency throughout the process, there are also many challenges to choosing this form of recruitment.… Read more