Sticking to a Budget During the Change Management Process

How to Stick to a Budget During the Change Management ProcessChange is part of any business and is a necessity for an agency to grow and stay competitive within the creative industry. All sorts of changes might occur; from staffing levels, restructuring of departments and processes, to mergers and changes to the agency’s offering.

Here at Source LF we have had recent experience of this with the merging of Source and Lipton Fleming at the beginning of 2014, and the subsequent growth in our team.

Change Management And £££££s

In my experience some changes are difficult to manage, while others are much easier.… Read more

The Best Project Managers Are Freelance… True or False?

The Best Project Managers Are Freelance… True or False.We have seen a large growth in the freelance market over the past 12 months in digital project management but also across the board.  Specifically within the digital market it has meant that permanent recruitment at senior level (and even mid-weight) has become an ever increasingly difficult task, it’s a candidate driven market where the money is high and the pickings are good.

But is this sustainable and are all the best people freelance?

Well on one level it’s clearly hard to tempt people away from the high day rates and flexibility to go travelling for 3 months of the year.… Read more

What Are The Most Effective Recruiting Tools?

What Are The Most Effective Recruiting ToolsThe world of employment has vastly changed over the years and in contrast to the recent credit crunch, it has now picked back up and as a result there are skills shortages existing in many industries. Recruitment has changed too. It is no longer a case of just advertising a job in your local job centre and waiting for CV’s to arrive, it is now about finding innovative ways to track down those talented people who will help grow your business.… Read more