5 Ways to Enhance Employee Engagement

employee engagementYou can usually spot engagement a mile off within a workplace; an employee who is engaged will be motivated, productive and will have a spring in their step. The importance of employee engagement should never be underestimated as engaged staff are innovative, committed and want to contribute to the success of their agency.

The Importance Of Employee Engagement


Engaged employees care about fulfilling the needs of clients and will want to provide an excellent service. Non engaged employees will fulfil the minimum requirements of their role, with one eye eagerly waiting for their lunch break to arrive and the clock to chime 5.… Read more

Get the Job: The Ultimate Social Media Audit Guide

social media auditJob hunting has changed tremendously in the last decade. Email, widespread use of the Internet and mobile technology has completely changed the way we look for jobs.

Significantly, it has also changed the way employers screen potential candidates. Social media allows your future boss to get a more detailed understanding of your online presence, before he or she decides whether or not to interview you. Therefore it is of great importance that as you start to circulate your CV you undertake a social media audit.… Read more

4 Reasons FOR Team Building Exercises

team buildingTeam building has been around for years and although some people roll their eyes at the mere thought of it, these types of exercises can actually prove to be highly beneficial for both individuals and businesses. Here at Source LF we use organised team building activities from time to time for a variety of reasons. And though I know members of staff who were skeptical about its benefits, those individuals seem to get the most out of it! Here I explore the reasons why you might do the same at your agency.… Read more