What About Freelancing As An Alternative to Permanent?

freelancingThese days it could be said that the idea of a ‘job for life’ no longer exists, and for this reason an increasing number of people have shunned permanent roles in favour of a more flexible freelancing approach to work. There are, of course pros and cons to working for yourself, but in many cases the benefits will far outweigh the drawbacks. If you are considering the prospect of freelancing in the creative industry, there are many points to take into account.… Read more

Simple Measures To Cut Costs Without Cutting Staff

cut costs without cutting staffAlthough we have seen some financial recovery over the past few years, many agencies still struggle to balance their books and make a profit. There is a constant balancing act between growing the business while ensuring overheads stay as low as possible; unfortunately this often means looking at methods of cutting costs.

A quick solution to cutting costs is often to reduce the headcount, but this doesn’t always turn out to be the most favourable option. Neither will you want to lose valuable members of your team.… Read more

How To Turn A Design Internship Into A Paid Role

design internshipAre you currently working in an agency as an design intern? Would you like to make the leap to a paid job? Internships can provide you with great experience and help set you up for future employment, but what if you want to continue working for your current agency? How can you ensure that your boss doesn’t allow you to leave when your internship ends, and instead actively wants you to stay? Read on if you are desperate to stay…

Getting Into A Paid Job: Upgrading Your Design Internship

Everyone who has ever secured a design internship remembers how hard it was to source.… Read more