What is Value for Money? Employers vs Employees

What is Value for Money – Employers vs EmployeesIn the world of work it can often be difficult to get the balance right. Employees are seeking more money, whilst employers have tight budgets to manage. This is particularly prevalent in the case of creative freelancers who have highly sought after skills and are free to move wherever they want. These employees will be looking for high rates, but many employers may be reluctant to pay the costs, which means they lose out on highly experienced and qualified individuals.

With the constant salary tug between employers and employees, where is the happy medium?… Read more

8 Interview Mistakes That Will Cost You the Job

Interview MistakesIn order to secure a new role your interview has to be spot on. Not learning from your past interview mistakes can make the job hunting process far more painful than it needs to be. Often it is just a simple mistake that can stop you progressing to the next stage, so take five minutes and read our quick guide to interview mistakes you simply have to avoid making when actively looking for a job.

1. Lack of research

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.… Read more

How to Write the Perfect Resignation Letter

Perfect resignation letterFinally securing a new role is a fantastic feeling. Excitement is mixed with nerves and coupled with a feeling of self congratulation. And of course there is the feeling of apprehension that comes with the knowledge that you will have to write your resignation letter and hand in your notice.

Most of us have a lot of time and respect for our previous employers and want to leave our last role with the right impression. After all, you never know what the future holds and when paths will cross again.… Read more